Dependable Reliable 5 Star Auto Repair Aventura

Satisfaction Guaranteed. No matter how simple or complex the job, we stand by our work and our customers satisfaction is key.

Our customers find they can rely on our prompt and friendly service, our honest approach to accurately diagnosing your vehicles repair issues and the fact we will stand behind our work.

We have customers tell us all the time…“If you want it done right, take it to 5 Star”. We offer great service for reasonable rates. We treat our customers with respect taking the time to listen to our customers concerns then we actually correct their problem.

We take our business quite seriously because our customers’ safety behind the wheel depends on it. This gives our customers Peace of Mind, as they are confident in our work and our staff, but most of all they are confident in their transportation. (Note, many of our customers have been referred by another repair facility, dealership, or body shop, so in most cases they arrive with the preconceived confidence that their vehicles are going to be taken care of properly and that they are in good hands).


We take appointments for all automotive work so there is a minimal wait time. We have a clean & comfortable customer lounge with TV & coffee available. So call in advance to schedule an appointment, Helene or Carol will assist you with available times that are convenient for you and us. Note: Walk-ins are welcome but may experience a longer wait time, and will be accommodated when at all possible and as quickly as possible.

We work with all major insurance companies, Allstate, Farmers, Geico, Progressive, State Farm, just to name a few. Computerized Symptom Reports with Diagnosis also are available to further assist your insurance adjuster in order to expedite your claim and collision repairs as efficiently as possible.

We also work with most extended warranty companies for all other suspension, brake, and other necessary maintenance issues, depending upon the type of extended warranty.

Note: Some warranties companies deal directly with their representative of the vehicles’ manufacturers – The Dealership, therefore they can only be obtained through the manufacturer at time of purchasing your vehicle, and will only honor the warranty if repaired at the Dealership.

Danny or Jeff will personally deal with your warranty company on your behalf to insure your claim is presented properly and efficiently.

Let’s face it, in this town it is hard get around without a vehicle, the less down time the better. Which brings us to the next amenity.

Enterprise Car Rental is one block from our shop for customers leaving their cars for repairs and may need a rental car for a few hours, or a day. Enterprise will pick you up from our Shop or we can drop you off at their office. Note: If your insurance company is not paying for your car rental, Enterprise provides our 5 Star customers with a significant discounted daily garage rate. We will be glad to reserve a car for any customer needing one.

We also keep a confidential repair record for each customer’s vehicle, so at anytime during our working business hours customers may call us for any information regarding their vehicle’s repair history.

Note: We do not disclose our customer database, or our customers’ personal or vehicle information to anyone person or business or charity. Your information is stored securely and without internet access capability.

Prompt 24 Hour Emergency Towing provided by Carlos at Biscayne Towing 305-333-7924.

If after our business hours, just leave your keys and contact information with Carlos and he will tow your vehicle to our secured facility, we will contact you ASAP the following business day with diagnosis and repairs estimates.